Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Agents In Berks CountyFrom the smallest subcompact car to the biggest truck, from jet skis to RVs, you can rely on CrossKeys Insurance to provide you with a competitive price on coverage that´s right for you. To help keep your premiums affordable, CrossKeys Insurance can provide you with a wide array of options and discounts.

If your driving record is clean, you´ll qualify for our lowest rates. But even if your driving record isn´t perfect, CrossKeys will find a way to accommodate your situation and meet your insurance needs competitively. We represent several companies that allow us to match a carrier to suit you.

We’re committed to keeping auto insurance rates as low as possible through disciplined underwriting. CrossKeys Insurance further reduces your auto insurance premium by offering numerous discounts:

  • Safe Car Driver
  • Auto Insurance Payment Plan Discount
  • Life Multi-Policy Discount
  • Youthful Driver
  • Auto Accident Prevention Course
  • College Student Car Discount
  • Driver Training
  • Reduced Car Usage Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Age 55 or Over
  • Passive Restraints
  • Anti-Theft Car Devices Discount
  • Auto Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Multi-Policy Discount

Teenage Driving Safety

Auto accidents are the number one cause of deaths for teenage drivers, affecting more than alcohol, drugs and suicide combined. Teens are at risk because they are inexperienced and teenage drivers are more likely to:

  • Drive aggressively
  • Not wear seat belts
  • Underestimate the dangers associated with hazardous driving situations

Teenage drivers also have the highest percentage of crashes involving speeding, single-vehicle crashes, crashes with driver error and the highest vehicle occupancy or number of passengers in the vehicle.

For more information about insuring teen drivers, refer to these frequently asked questions and answers or the driver’s licensing information by state.